Since 1985, I have devoted my practice to defending life and liberty, and the Constitutional rights
of my clients.

The government has far more resources than you. They have prosecutors, police, and millions of dollars in budget. Public perception of persons charged with crimes also works against you.

You need an advocate who is experienced and willing to do battle to protect your rights. I walk the walk. I have tried over 100 cases to juries in my career, and continue to take it to the box on a regular basis. I have earned the respect of judges, prosecutors and other lawyers across Utah for my zealous advocacy and hard work for each of my clients over 30 years of law practice.

But don’t expect flowers and puppies when you talk to me. I won’t sugar-coat it, I won’t give you false promises or blow smoke just to get you to sign a contract with me. I also won’t give you false scare-tactic, hard-sell garbage either.

You get personal attention from me, your lawyer, and not a run-around with “assistants” or paralegals. I personally return all calls and emails within 24 hours, usually faster, unless I’m in a trial.

Edward D. Flint

Edward Flint Criminal Defense Lawyer in St. George

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Experience. Integrity. Hard work.
That's why my clients get better outcomes.

What Sets me Apart from Other St. George Criminal Defense Lawyers?

You should have a criminal defense attorney who provides a proper mix of personable and no-nonsense legal services. You’ll find that with Edward D. Flint. When you work with me as your criminal defense lawyer, you’ll have a legal professional who:

  • Carries extensive trial experience in St. George and the state of Utah.
  • Works with the local community in various outlets.
  • Offers appointment flexibility to fit your availability during a crisis.
  • Offers reasonable fees, upfront pricing, and a Free case evaluation.

As a criminal defense lawyer I have helped guide thousands of individuals through the complex legal system, fighting for their rights during every step of the process.

Practice Areas

  • Criminal Defense: 31 Years, 6 thousand cases
  • DUI and DWI: 31 years, 1.5 thousand cases

If Detained by Police - Do ONLY the Following

  • 1. Give True Identification

    Give your true name and legal Identification, drivers license.

  • 2. Do NOT Consent to Searches

    Say "I invoke my right to remain silent, I want to call my lawyer. - I do NOT consent to any searches."

  • 3. Do NOT Consent to Sobriety Tests

    Do NOT consent to any field sobriety tests or say ANYTHING else.

  • 4. If Arrested

    If arrested, consent to chemical test.

  • 5. Then SHUT UP!

    Really! Shut Up and wait for my help.

Experience. Integrity. Hard work.
That's why my clients get better outcomes.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Edward Flint St. George, Utah
I represent my clients directly. If you leave a message for me, I will be contacting you directly. For immediate representation or protection, please call me at:
(435) 767-7841

Otherwise, I'll respond to your message as quickly as possible. - Edward Flint