Case Results

Dismissed State vs. Caitlyn Homer
Defendant charged with felony and misdemeanor drug charges. Motion to dismiss for violation of double jeopardy, state dismissed with prejudice.
  • Plea Agreement State v. Seth Cox
    Defendant charged with firearm possession while on felony probation. Obtained a plea agreement involving no extra jail time, and federal prosecutor agreed to not indict.
  • Dismissed State v. Rodney Belin
    Defendant charged with felony and misdemeanor drug and child endangerment multiple counts. Dismissed at preliminary hearing.
  • Obtained Plea State v. Matthew Cipriano
    Defendant and co-defendant charged with felony possession of 55,000 marijuana seeds and other charges. Obtained plea deal with no jail, no restrictions on using marijuana legally in defendants’ home state, and will reduce to a misdemeanor upon completion of community service.
  • Obtained Plea State v. AH
    Defendant charged with felony child sex abuse, facing 1-15 years in prison. Case resolved with plea agreement and sentence of 30 days jail because of expert psychiatrist report that defendant was receiving a medication he should not have, and it caused him to act inappropriately.
  • Case Resolved State v. GJ
    Defendant charged with felony human trafficking and prostitution. Case resolved with misdemeanor pleas to massage without a state license and no jail.
  • Resolved with Plea State v. WV
    Defendant charged with assaulting city employees over dispute of city burning weeds too close to his home. Resolved with plea held in abeyance.
  • Obtained Plea State v. CB.
    Defendant charged with felony homicide for allegedly texting while driving, causing a collision that killed one person, injured another. Plea deal resulted in a sentence of 120 days jail, no prison, and probation.
  • Not Guilty State v. NR.
    Defendant charged with felony forcible sexual abuse, claimed conduct was consensual. After waiting over four months in jail for his jury trial, defendant was found not guilty on all charges by the jury.
  • Case Resolved State v. JS.
    Defendant charged with murder, facing 15 years to life in prison, for killing another man during a drunken brawl. Case resolved with manslaughter plea, jail time, probation.
  • All Charges Dismissed State v. PB
    Defendant was charged with two counts of 2nd-degree felony burglary, one count of 3rd-degree felony theft, and was arrested. The defendant had multiple warrants served and their merchandise seized because a former employer claims he stole it. Upon review of text messages, video, invoices, and other evidence, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss all charges.
  • Charge Dismissed State v. TC
    Defendant was charged with one count of 2nd-degree felony theft. We provided evidence to the prosecutor that nothing was stolen, but checks were signed over to satisfy a debt, which led to a dismissal of the charge.
  • Granted A Plea Hurricane City vs. JH
    Defendant was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and possession. The defendant had a felony conviction and served prison in another state for possession of marijuana, but was granted a plea, held in abeyance on this case.
  • All Cases Closed FOUR Federal DUI Cases Closed
    Four Federal DUI cases in 2020 were all closed with administrative fines and no criminal record for DUIs at Lake Powell and Zion National Park.
  • Charge Dismissed St. George City vs. BL
    Defendant was charged with one count of a minor in possession of alcohol, which carries an automatic driver's license suspension. This charge was dismissed by the city prosecutor in the interests of justice.
  • Misdemeanor Plea State vs. MC
    Richfield District Court. The defendant is from Arkansas and was charged with 2nd-degree felony money laundering, 3rd-degree felony obstruction of justice, multiple misdemeanor drug and DUI charges, and he had $40,000 cash seized from him. This was resolved with a misdemeanor plea by phone, and he was returned all but $5,000 of his money.
  • Driver's License NOT Suspended Driver License Division DUI Hearing for JC
    The officer testified that the defendant caused an accident, failed field sobriety tests, smelled of alcohol, and had slurred speech. The division decided NOT to suspend his license.